TDQ Academy is provider advanced training and education programs/modules the Middle East , CIS countries , Turkey.TDQ Academy is delivering various level of training courses/programs accredited by top Accreditation organizations in different fields for Public, Industry and Service sectors.
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TDQ are providing different range of services across the world.Some of important approaches of TDQ at the time of providing services for clients are: Providing essential and vital information according to latest updates and the organizations. Needs by considering the nature of their business, Value adding to organizations, business,Providing professional services considering confidentiality,independency by using of diverse.

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Usc Djizak Battery Plant became successful in achieving ISO/TS.     JV LLC BANER PRINT became successful in achieving ISO/TS.     JV UZ-METERTECH became successful in achieving ISO/TS.     JSC UZ-DONGWON LLC BANER PRINT became successful in achieving ISO/TS.     UZ ERAE CABLE became successful in achieving ISO/TS.    

TDQ Company

TDQ Company established on 2011 and signed strategic agreement with ICIM S.P.A as official representative company for certification service business, inspection, training in Middle East area, IRAN, near countries such as CIS countries, Turkey, Afghanistan and IRAQ.

TQD believe this concept “YOU CAN DO IT! WE CAN HELP”


In Italy and in the world, ICIM is a major Italian institution in the field of certification.Certify Management Systems for Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work. It is also a leader in the certification of products and components for the security industry burglary, the plumbing and heating sector.The peculiarity of ICM, which distinguishes it from other certifiers, is to talk not only to individual companies, but the industries as a whole, offering a full range of services designed to meet the needs of all professional categories that make up each sector and contribute in various ways to create the total value for the end customer.ICIM is now very active in all sectors of energy and renewable energy sources: solar-thermal, wind, photovoltaic, biomass and biofuels. Skills in the energy sector ranging from ICIM certification of the product to the system, the individual components of the entire system, the installation process.It is one of the few institutions worldwide recognized within the agreement for the IECEE CB certificate for photovoltaic modules and, precisely because of this, is accredited to issue certificates of Factory Inspection, under the Conto Energia IV.ICIM is also the first Italian organization accredited to issue the Solar Key mark, and the first to have issued the certificate of a wind turbine in the field of small wind turbines.In the field of biofuels and bio liquids, ICIM is authorized to issue certificates at both national and European level. In fact, apart from being the only Italian Body accredited for the certification of biofuels and bio liquids according to the recent National System of Certification (defined by a Ministerial Decree of January 2012), is also Cooperating Certification Body for the scheme ISCC, recognized Europe. In 2010 he released the first certifications in Italy to manufacturers of sustainable biodiesel made from vegetable oils, thanks to its proprietary scheme on Sustainable Biodiesel. The commitment of ICIM has also extended the certification of installation companies, aimed affirmation of reference standards to ensure the presence on the market of skilled professionals in each specific segment. Among other things, ICIM has signed an agreement with the Association of Installers CNA for qualifying courses for the "Licence of Frigorista" certification mandatory for all companies operating in the areas of installation and maintenance of fixed equipment refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps and fire protection systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases. ICIM has also been involved in promoting energy efficiency. He was among the first agencies in Italy to be able to certify the Energy Management Systems and is accredited for the certification according to UNI CEI 11352, which defines the requirements for the ESCO - Energy Service Companies (companies that provide services energy). ICIM also carries out due diligence on projects to facilitate access to credit. Through a series of agreements and collaborations with leading organizations working in the financing of renewable energy production facilities, ICIM performs the preliminary assessment of the projects, verification of progress and final assessment of appropriateness to the project and the extent of the powers produced. Please, also, the qualification of suppliers for inclusion in the "white list".ICIM is also known for the creation of certification schemes for innovative and practical support to companies in the B2B services. Between certification schemes owners of particular importance, the schema for "Sustainable Building" and the pattern of RistorAbilità, which caters to corporate catering, certifying the sustainability of all stages of the manufacturing process: menu design, management and quality of resources, transport, waste disposal, environmental impact.ICIM is also accredited for inspection and for the voluntary schemes that product. The body authorized to validate the EMAS Environmental Statement and the validation of Communications of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Emissions Trading. The notified body for the main EU directives product (Machines, Noise, Simple Pressure Vessels, Construction Products, Medical Devices, Atex, Elevators, Ped). It is also authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development to conduct periodic checks of lifts and ground at the workplace. Thanks to the expertise and experience gained in 20 years of activity and in different market sectors, ICIM is aimed at all those public and private organizations who believe that innovation and sustainability are key elements for its development, acting as a reference for experienced and authoritative service expertise to support innovation and sustainability. ICIM provides an extensive training program for companies and professionals through courses at the "Factory of Knowledge."

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